Riverside Cemetery, Towanda
Placed May 30, 1868

Post #68 was the Watkins Post located in Towanda. Named for Guy Hulett Watkins, Lieutenant Colonel who was instrumental in organizing the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and was killed at Petersburg, Va. in the area loosely referred to as the Hare House, June 18, 1864.

During a charge he was mortally wounded, carried back to the lines, requested a reading from the Bible of the 14th chapter of St John and peacefully breathed his last breath while cradled in the arms Capt Atkinson.

The following is the inscription on the tablet:
"This tablet was here placed on the thirtieth (30) day of May 1868 by the members of post No. 68 Dept. of Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Republic, To show their appreciation of and to keep alive in the memory of their descendants, the good deeds of their companions in arms who fell during the great rebellion."


Winter 2013/14 Update on the GAR Monument Project:
   The GAR monument stone project continues to move, albeit slowly this winter. We have raised over 5500.00 for it and the stone has been moved to the Riverside Cemetery office and cleaned by the Boy Scouts. We have received several very generous donations and expect several hundred more dollars promised as the project advances. The trees above where it was resting have had their dead limbs cut back. Also, the four columns for the roof have been received, but the plans have to be looked at and needs final approval by the boro, as well as some more paperwork to be completed. As such, we are very pleased with the project and hope to start leveling the ground, digging the post holes and base and pouring concrete when the weather allows such work.


The Private Silas Gore Camp #141, of the nationwide Sons of Union Veterans organization, is undertaking an estimated $8,000 restoration effort aimed at providing a protective pavilion over a Civil War era GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) stone tablet in Riverside Cemetery, Towanda.

The tablet had been placed on May 31, 1868, the very first Memorial Day, by local Civil War veterans who were members of the GAR Watkins Post #68, located in Towanda borough. It was dedicated in memory of their fallen brethren.

Monday, June 3, 2013, at 5:00 PM, members of the Private Silas Gore Camp #141 will gather to remove the stone from its present setting. The monument will be moved to a storage area to protect it during the construction phase.

Donations towards this worthwhile project will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Kurt D. Lafy, Camp Commander, for further details. (570) 637-5103

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